A Step in the Right Direction

by | May 20, 2021

My daughter has shown an interest in gymnastics for years now, but we’ve been away from the organized sport for quite a while. In pre-covid classes, it was frustrating to see her stand in line most of the time, waiting for her turn in an overcrowded class. Then covid put the nail in the coffin for gymnastics for the year.

We’ve been wearing out our home trampoline, and are finally ready to rejoin after school-classes. My search was for a fun, tumbling-oriented space that welcomed newcomers and offered room for lots of growth and competition. It would be a bonus to find classes for all ages, which would mean her siblings can go too! Moms of multiple kids know what a treasure this is! Everyone in one activity at generally the same time is hard to find!

I kept seeing posts of a friend’s daughter doing back handsprings on Sport of Cheer’s long, runway trampoline with such glee. This looked right up our alley, but what caught my attention most was her mask. I realize the choice to mask up indoors during gym activities is a personal choice, but this detail is the one that inspired me to put Sport of Cheer at the top of our list.

While we are definitely ready for safe socialization and are eager to get back out into the world, Covid precautions still matter to our family, and Sport of Cheer abides. Your temperature is taken at the door, your hands and soles of shoes are sanitized, in addition to their requirement to wear a mask indoors.

Nothing matters more to me right now, than my kids’ health and happiness after Covid – health both physically and mentally, and the happiness that comes from following their bliss and taking a solo bounce on our trampoline out in the world, turning those moves into real skill, with technique, and team building is priceless. She is thrilled with her new tumbling class, as am I. She never stops moving and comes out after the hour with such confidence! I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Casey Chapman Ross

Casey Chapman Ross

Three beautiful babies call me momma, and my husband, Will, and I live in South Austin. We love house hunting, playing Scrabble and blackjack with the kids, hosting family potluck dinners, and camper renovating!