Sport of Cheer coaches are the best. Period.

Our coaches have won collegiate national championships, been named to All-World teams, and competed at the highest All-Star levels.

Combined they have coached over 1,000 athletes in their careers. And our coaches do it with a professional, excited attitude.


TBH. If you’re a parent you want your kid to be safe. If you’re an athlete, you want to be the best. You don’t get either without proper technique. Our coaches teach that.


Our coaches do not just teach tumbling. They tumble too. Like, really well. In fact, SOC’s very own Austin Wilder is a top 50 tumbler in the world. Seriously.


Stunts require focus, strength, and repetition. Lots and lots of repetition. SOC coaches have the patience and dedication to help you nail that stunt you saw on Tik-Tok.


At the end of the day, our coaches are going to do what’s best for the athlete. No matter what.

Owner &

All-Star Director;

Director of

Wilder Movement


Owner &

All-Star Director


Tumbling Coach


Parent and Tot Director &

Tumbling Coach


50 Stars!?


If I could give Sport of Cheer 50 stars I would happily do so. My daughter has improved by leaps and bounds not only in her attitude but also in her skill level since we have been attending Sport of Cheer.

- Jessica S.


Show and tell


The owners are both trained tumblers that can “show and tell” which is an important part of teaching young learners. My daughter is coming off of 2 major injuries from our last team, she was scared she may never cheer again… not on Austin’s watch. I CANNOT thank them enough.

- Rian Ahrens