A Leap of Faith Back Into Group Activities

by | Jun 10, 2021

When your baby’s (of any age, who are we kidding, they are always our babies!) ready to take that first big leap into organized sports or activities, whether for the first time or just the first time since early 2020, you may have some questions…here’s a quick FAQ to help address some of them!

What Covid precautions are being taken?

  • Masks are required inside the gym space.
  • Temperatures are taken at entry.
  • Hands and shoe soles are sanitized at entry.
  • When possible, the back garage door is opened for fresh air.

Do you sell Sport of Cheer face masks?

  • Not yet but maybe in the future! Please come to class wearing your mask of choice. Check out our shop for other items we do have for sale.

What if my child is shy, how will Sport of Cheer help them fit in?

  • Our coaches excel in relating to kids on all comfort levels and making them feel at home at Sport of Cheer. All children are engaged and treated equally, but if your child has a special need or circumstance you’d like to make us aware of, please do not hesitate to reach out to your coach to see how we can best help your child feel comfortable and supported.

What if they have zero experience in tumbling, cheer, or parkour?

  • No experience, no problem! We love introducing new athletes to our sport and are happy to have them! We meet athletes where they are, be it a first-timer or a highly competitive athlete, we’ve got you! Come play at Open Gym (currently on Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm) or schedule a free assessment to check out our space and meet our coaches.

How long are classes?

    Classes are 50 min -1 hour

Are parents allowed to watch the class?

  • Beginning June 1st, parents will be allowed to view the classes via the lobby area window; masks, temperatures, and sanitizing will still be required
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  • Until then and anytime in the future too, parents can watch via the online viewing portal. Classes are live-streamed! Just ask your coach for log-in instructions.

Can I drop my child off and come back at pick-up time?

  • You may as long as you are back in plenty of time for the conclusion of class to pick up your child from their coach.

What do they need to wear?

  • Comfortable clothes they can easily move in and closed toe tennis shoes.

My son wants to participate, but will he be the only boy?

  • Absolutely not! Did you know our co-founder, Austin Wilder is a boy? We have male and female coaches in addition to plenty of boys in tumbling, cheer, and our parkour programs!

My daughter is only three, is she eligible to sign up?

  • Our programs begin at age 3 and are ability based as opposed to age based. Our basic training class is a great place to begin!

I’d like to sign up too! Are adults eligible to sign up?

  • Absolutely. Schedule a free assessment so we can talk through what interests you and how we can work together to accomplish your fitness goals. Everyone is welcome!

What size are your classes?

  • Our classes, depending on the discipline and timeframe, have between 6-12 participants; once a class fills up we do our best within the schedule to open up more availability as we are able.

Do you host summer day camps?

  • Yes! Information on summer camps can be found here. We look forward to hosting your kiddos for a safe, fun, active summer camp experience!

There are so many more things we’d love to share with you! Please check out other blog posts to get to know our coaches and our mission at Sport of Cheer better. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sportofcheer.com with additional questions, concerns or comments anytime!

Casey Chapman Ross

Casey Chapman Ross

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